After Uttar Pradesh Ahmedabad City to Get permanent Anti-Romeo Squad

Even as the concept of introducing Anti-Romeo squads has raised many question after incidents of violence in Uttar Pradesh polices force in the city of Ahmedabad too have decided to follow suit to make it safer for women. While Gujarat was one of the first state in the country to introduce an Anti-Romeo Squad in 1999 it acted on a sporadic basis in major cities in the state previously the squads came into action only during times of festivals.

The city of Ahmedabad is now getting a permanent anti-Romeo squad that will consist of 10 police officials including both Female and male cops. As per Times of India reports the squads are going to come into action starting April 18

ACP Women cell Panna Momaya said “Apart from taking prompt action on complaints against eve-teasers we will also conduct flash mock drills at places frequented by teenagers and educate girls on how to tackle lumpen elements and seek police help by dialing helpline numbers.

The anti-Romeo squad will especially be vigilant during night hours to curb the possibilities of attacks on women said a police official. An average of 100 cases of eve-teasing on a monthly basis while the majority of them get resolved. FIR needed to be field for others. Though the introduction of anti-Romeo squads will be beneficial in reducing cases of crime related to women.

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